2022Fri, 9th DecemberPresident and Visitor’s NightKelsall Community Centre
2023Sat, 22nd AprilThe Cheshire Wyche Ball

Cheshire Wyche BalL 2023

Sandbach Town Hall CW11 1AX
Music by Susan MacFadyen and her Band

The next Wyche Ball will take place on Sat 22nd April 2023. This event will be hosted by RSCDS Cheshire Branch.

Programme – the programme is ready now! Click here for a link to Strathspey Server for cribs, diagrams and videos. You can download a cribsheet by clicking the link below. The programme includes The Wyches of Cheshire (E. Bruynooghe) with original music composed by Frank Thomson. Download the original instructions for The Wyches of Cheshire by clicking the link below.

RWest’s HornpipeJTribute to the Borders
JEH3 7AFRFlight to Melbourne
SCity of BelfastSMontparnasse
ROrpington CaledoniansJThe Aviator
JThe Chequered CourtRWicked Willy
SThe Wyches of CheshireSBroadway
RSnowdrops in the GlenRThe Spring Fling Reel
JFarewell to Balfour RoadSMacDonald of the Isles
SBarbara’s StrathspeyJThe Flight of the Falcon
RFestival Fling
RBratach Bana
JThe Cranberry Tart