Please note that all classes and events for the current Season have been cancelled, owing to the present Coronavirus crisis. We are hoping to be able to resume dancing in due course, but all items are ‘provisional’ until this can be confirmed.

2020Sat 28 MarchThe Cheshire Wyche BallCANCELLED
Sat 14 NovemberPresident’s NightCANCELLED
Tues 10 DecemberVisitor’s NightCANCELLED
2021Sat 23 JanuaryBurns Supper
2021Sat 27 MarchThe Cheshire Wyche BallRescheduled

Cheshire Wyche Ball

Sandbach Town Hall CW11 1AX
Music by George Meikle and the Lothian Band

This event has been re-scheduled and will now take place on Sat 27th March 2021, same venue and band. The dance programme (see below) is much the same as 2020’s, with one or two minor changes. If you have any questions, please contact Graeme Soutar.

Programme – click here for a link to Strathspey Server for 2021 Cribsheet and videos. Download the original instructions for The Wyches of Cheshire by clicking the link below.

JThe Cutty SarkSThe Minister on the Loch
RCurrie MountainRMrs MacPherson of Inveran
SMist O’er the LochJFarewell to Balfour Road
RGlastonbury TorSThe Blue Mess Jacket
JThe Cooper’s WifeRClutha
SThe Wyches of CheshireJFlora’s Fancy
RThe ClansmanRPortnacraig
JMacLeod’s FancySThe Singing Sands
SFoxhill CourtJQuarries’ Jig
JMrs Stewart’s JigRLothian Lads
JTribute to the Borders
SKarin’s Strathspey
RLady Sophia Lindsay
This is the revised programme for 2021