2022Fri, 9th DecemberPresident and Visitor’s NightKelsall Community Centre
2023Sat, 22nd AprilThe Cheshire Wyche Ball

Cheshire Wyche BalL 2023

Sandbach Town Hall CW11 1AX
Music by Susan MacFadyen and her Band

For photographs of this event, please head over to the RSCDS Cheshire Branch Photo Gallery.

If you are going to the Wyche Ball, please click here for important information about car parking.

The next Wyche Ball will take place on Sat 22nd April 2023. This event will be hosted by RSCDS Cheshire Branch.

Programme – the programme is ready now! Click here for a link to Strathspey Server for cribs, diagrams and videos. You can download a cribsheet by clicking the link below. Includes revised version of the Wyches of Cheshire.

The instructions for our special dance, The Wyches of Cheshire, devised by Liz Bruynooghe, can be downloaded using the link below. PLEASE NOTE! The crib for this dance has been revised following discovery of an error. Please use this version (Feb 2023)

JEH3 7AFJThe Duke of Atholl’s Reel
RThe Countess of Dunmore’s ReelRTrip to Timber Ridge
SMiss Milligan’s StrathspeySYsobel Stewart of Fish Hoek
JThe Compleat GardenerRInverneill House
RThe Earl of MansfieldJMajor Ian Stewart
SJean Martin of AberdeenMMacDonald of Keppoch
JMrs Stewart’s JigSThe Minister on the Loch
RThe ClansmanJJoie de Vivre
SThe Wyches of CheshireRThe Duke of Perth
JThe White Heather Jig
JNeil M. Grant
RGlastonbury Tor
SCity of Belfast